Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Garzotto Hotels & Resorts understands that privacy is important to you and wants your experience online to be as safe as possible.

Visitors to the Site provide various kinds of information in several different ways. Some visitors choose to submit personal information through subscription and entry forms, booking forms and requests for more information, either through e-mails, response devices or other methods. Depending on the service you are accessing, you could be asked at various times to provide information including but not limited to, your name, e-mail address or information about what you like and do not like. When booking accommodation on-line or paying for other goods or services, we may request your credit card number to complete the transaction or your mailing address to ensure delivery.

Garzotto Hotels & Resorts will generally not collect sensitive information about you such as details of your race, political beliefs, religion or health. However this may be required where we are providing you with specialised services (such as access requirements for a disability).

We need this personal information in order to provide you with our products or services, and so we can provide you with a broad range of information in relation to tourism, hospitality and services and to assist in delivering a better service to you.

This information will be recorded by the hotel or business to which it is given and updated by that hotel or business when additional information is supplied or upon request from you.

Garzotto Hotels & Resorts uses the personal information collected to provide you with our services and to assist in making your experience with Garzotto Hotels & Resorts a satisfying one. Information is also collected to establish and maintain proper business records.

Your personal information may also be used to notify you about new products, services or promotions in the tourism, hospitality or services industries from time to time.

All personal information collected is only made available to those authorised individuals who need to handle that information for the purposes outlined in this policy.

Garzotto Hotels & Resorts will also disclose personal information when required by law and may disclose it when reasonably necessary to assist an enforcement body or to lessen or prevent a threat to individual or public health or safety.

Reasonable steps are taken to ensure the security of personal information from such risks as loss or unauthorised access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure.

The company Garzotto Hotels & Resorts s.r.o. ("data processor"), trade licence number (IČO) 26188091, with the headquarters of company in Spálená 90/17, Praha 1, Czech Republic, processes the data IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE GDPR EU 2016/679.

DATA PROCESSING FOR PURPOSES GIVEN BY LAW OR GIVEN BY MUTUAL CONTRACT between our company and You as a client or between our two parties and a third party

By submitting Your email address You give Your agreement to Your data processing (the data can vary according to the activity chosen - booking of a hotel, booking of extra services etc.) by the company Garzotto Hotels & Resorts s.r.o. for the reasons given by law, reasons given by a contract estipulated between You and Garzotto Hotels & Resorts s.r.o. and by the third parties (our partners: ATP Airport Transfer Prague – taxi transfer service) on the base of personal data processing contracts, when given by the contract estipulated by the client and the company, for the time given by law.

The data may be processed either manually or using password protected electronic systems by assigned responsible workers, in any case fairly and with due confidentiality.

The systems are supplied with the appropriate security measures to prevent the loss of data, illicit or incorrect use and unauthorized access.

You may contact us at any time at, and at no charge whatsoever, in order to consult, integrate, or for the modification or cancellation of your personal data, or to oppose the use of the same, either totally or partially, for the above purposes, in accordance with the terms of GDPR EU 2016/679.

The data processor does not intend to provide the data in the third countries.

In case You feel Your data may be processed in an unauthorised way, please, feel free to contact Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů, the authority in the Czech republic (


By submitting Your email address You give Your agreement to Your data processing for the marketing scopes of advertisement and promotions by Garzotto Hotels & Resorts s.r.o., related to the services You look for. We do enter Your data in our electronic database and use them only to contact You for marketing purposes in this casa. We keep Your data as long as You allow us to do so. Same principles of processing and agreement as in previous case apply.

The privacy policy may change from time to time. The policy was last updated in May 2018 according to GDPR EU 2016/679.


The accommodated guest shall have the right to file a motion for out-of-court settlement of dispute with the designated entity in charge of out-of-court consumer dispute settlements, which is:

  • The Czech Trade Inspection Authority (CTIA)
  • Central Inspectorate - ADR Department
  • Štěpánská 15
  • 120 00 Praha 2
  • E-mail:
  • Web:

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority is a supervisory body monitoring consumer protection, acting in pursuance of Act No. 64/1986 Coll., The Czech Trade Inspection Authority Act as amended, and additional legal regulations. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority´s website is

In conformity with the provision § 1837 item j) of the Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, no right of withdrawal from the accommodation contract shall arise for the accommodated person as being a consumer as long as the accommodation facility provides the contractual performances within the designated deadlines.

According to the Sales Records Act, the seller is obliged to issue a receipt to the buyer. At the same time, he is obliged to register the received sales with the tax administrator online; in case of technical failure, within 48 hours at the latest.